7 EVIL Cameras to use this 2014 Easter

Sony A3000 Camera

With good weather and Easter, come the first breaks and holidays. Sure you’re already working out a few days and take a well deserved break. You have chosen everything and it sure is a great place but do you have your camera ready? Gradually trends are changing in the world of photography. We increasingly mobile […]

Nexus 5, the Android smartphone to always go to the last

Google Nexus Phone

Most smartphones today carry the operating system Android. Created by Google, we know that use all the major brands: Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC … However, if you have created is search engine company how is that have never created a phone? There is, and his name is Nexus. Today is on the fifth generation and […]

The definitive guide to turn the iPad into a work tool

IOS Applications

The iPad, for many, has become a perfect entertainment tool. Fulfills its purpose well and has many applications we will spend hours in front of the Apple tablet. However, although this does very well, we can get much more out of other things. For example, the work, the iPad can be a good co-worker if […]

How to be a YouTuber?

How to be a YouTuber?

They are the idols of our children. Kids like ours who have made ​​something of his biggest hobby. They are called YouTubers and is about people who are dedicated to making all kinds of videos to tell what they like and make content for your subscribers. Some of them already have millions of fans. It […]

SEO Practice [Updated 2014]

SEO Update 2014

The creation of Internet content does not end with its publication, it is just at that moment where the main task starts: dissemination and expansion through Internet. Today not enough just to create good articles, you have to provide them with “visibility” so people can get to them and “presence” to be in those places […]

Sony presents the “Digital Paper”

Digital Paper

Sony has introduced a new tablet called ” Digital Paper “(digital paper) based on a touchscreen e-ink, which can also be used with a pointer to type accurately, and is oriented to read annotate and share documents (come on, as normal) paper. The tablet has a size of 23 x 31 cm, slightly larger than […]

Apple patents the “transparent interface” to avoid obstacles

Apple patents the transparent interface

It is the sign of the times: v as walking down the street, but while you’re answering messages with WhatsApp was checking the mail or if something important. The problem is that then you do not pay attention to other people around you (although this may be intentional) or potential obstacles or hazards in your […]