Best Apps for Toddlers

Best Apps for Toddlers

There are thousands of great child-friendly apps available for iOS and Android, but finding software that’s appropriate for toddlers can be a challenge. Children ages 1 to 3 can’t read and are still developing their language skills, while many have limited hand-eye coordination. However, with the right apps, youngsters can improve their vocabulary, learn about […]

10 Best Workout Apps

10 Best Workout Apps

In earlier, Smartphones includes many best fitness and running apps. Today we will take a look at the best workout apps available for mobile devices. A list includes 10 best workout apps for the workout beginner or a serious exercise addict and own personal gym person or a dingy gym mat. 1. Workout Trainer (Free; Android, iOS) […]

8 Best Diet & Nutrition Apps

Balanced diet is equivalent to exercise for healthy living. Such type of apps can help you stay on the straight and narrow. These eight excellent diet and nutrition trackers are best example for balanced diet, which helps you shop for healthy food, log your nutrition intake and help you pick and select a healthy diet […]

Samsung Galaxy Alpha Hands-on Review

Samsung Galaxy Alpha

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha is obviously feeling the pressure due to the approaching iPhone 6. The Samsung launches a phone with design chops that will impress even though the most seasoned Apple fan was a shrewd move by the company. I was tried to get my hands on the Samsung Galaxy Alpha at IFA 2014 and smitten by […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Hands-On Review

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung’s best phablet is the Galaxy Note 4, it was introduce at the IFA consumer electronics in Berlin. The company will be declared a new version of the Note, the Note Edge. The Note 4 is paired with the Samsung Gear Virtual Reality Headset. Screen Samsung includes smartphone a Quad-HD display with a 2560×1440 p […]

Motorola Moto X, a Smartphone with Single Screen

Moto X Android Smart Phone

Motorola is experiencing a rebirth only. It has been reborn from the ashes and his first major terminal, in this new era was the smartphone Motorola Moto G. A modest but with specs showing that there was no need to spend big money to have everything. With this philosophy we get the Motorola Moto X […]

Nexus 5, the Android smartphone to always go to the last

Google Nexus Phone

Most smartphones today carry the operating system Android. Created by Google, we know that use all the major brands: Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC … However, if you have created is search engine company how is that have never created a phone? There is, and his name is Nexus. Today is on the fifth generation and […]