Motorola Moto X, a Smartphone with Single Screen

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Motorola is experiencing a rebirth only. It has been reborn from the ashes and his first major terminal, in this new era was the smartphone Motorola Moto G. A modest but with specs showing that there was no need to spend big money to have everything.

Moto X Android Smart Phone

Moto X Android Smart Phone

With this philosophy we get the Motorola Moto X . A smartphone aimed at the high end but offering a more moderate price. At first it seems a terminal more but inside hides a lot of details that will make them want to opt for it. We’ll tell you now face to face technology.

Motorola Moto X, a mobile that you always listen

Outside, the Moto X seeks to differentiate the classic rectangular format mobile. Their corners are rounded and the design of the back makes it very comfortable in hand. It can be used perfectly with one hand, we want to have it always on top. And thanks to its interchangeable covers we put the color you like best.

Inside, Motorola reminds us again that you can have a great terminal without having the most advanced specifications. Its combination of processor and RAM can make this mobile yet. From games to applications through high quality video.

You’ll be thinking, okay, it’s a good phone with a careful design. What is unique about this Moto X? Its screen. Thanks to the AMOLED technology this phone has a unique system where we will alert notifications for messages, calls or e lighting automatically.

However, all but the screen will not display a small white icons that will indicate what each notification. Perfect for that then decide if we want to turn on the phone. Does this use a lot of battery? In all, the technology that brings the Moto X makes this system does not involve a lot of effort.

What else does? A sound system on. The Moto X has always placed the microphone on, not recording anything, and when we say “Ok Google “will automatically jump to the search box to say, out loud, that is what we look for. A single system.

The camera of 10 megapixels, offers quality in all circumstances and shows that it is very easy to make a picture. At the touch of a finger on the screen will take a picture. It is also capable of recording HD video at 30 frames per second.

Is the battery? In an effort to optimize the software Motorola has managed to create a combination that will make it for hours of use without charging. It is able to handle a day without problems. If we are right, also has a battery saving mode to endure as possible.

Moto X Smart Phone

Moto X Smart Phone

The Moto X and Nexus May have something in common: a very quick update to your operating system. Each time a new version of Android comes out, Motorola mobile will also be the first to receive it. Today already has the latest update time.

If you come from another smartphone, the Moto X comes with an exclusive software that allows you to transfer all the important information from one phone to another. This is especially useful for passing phonebook contacts, especially if coming from another operating system like iOS or Windows Phone.

In short: Motorola Moto X is a very attractive terminal for those who want a powerful smartphone but without spending much money. A great-value Android lovers looking for a different terminal: the screen, the camera and always be updated to the latest version are powerful reasons to opt for it.

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