Upgrade your tablet! Has you been obsolete? I teach you how to renew!!!

Windows 8 Tablets

Three years ago they started to become popular devices today are in many homes. We’re talking about tablets . Maybe, in fact, you’re reading now from one of them. Since they exploded in 2011 we have had models of all kinds and many still have the first model to be bought a few years ago. […]

Motorola Moto X, a Smartphone with Single Screen

Moto X Android Smart Phone

Motorola is experiencing a rebirth only. It has been reborn from the ashes and his first major terminal, in this new era was the smartphone Motorola Moto G. A modest but with specs showing that there was no need to spend big money to have everything. With this philosophy we get the Motorola Moto X […]

Nexus 5, the Android smartphone to always go to the last

Google Nexus Phone

Most smartphones today carry the operating system Android. Created by Google, we know that use all the major brands: Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC … However, if you have created is search engine company how is that have never created a phone? There is, and his name is Nexus. Today is on the fifth generation and […]