Upgrade your tablet! Has you been obsolete? I teach you how to renew!!!

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Three years ago they started to become popular devices today are in many homes. We’re talking about tablets . Maybe, in fact, you’re reading now from one of them. Since they exploded in 2011 we have had models of all kinds and many still have the first model to be bought a few years ago.

However, it has been a while and tablet insurance that we bought while we do not look so good: missing applications, we are still a little short… Looking for a refill?

Windows 8 Tablets

Windows 8 Tablets

Update your tablet to a more powerful models

Possibly your first tablet has been an iPad or Android. Now you see and continue to function well, but as always happens, we want to do more. So if you go to English Court they will take a discount of up to 350 USD in the purchase of a new model. Keep reading.

Windows 8 has finally gotten the point of maturity to become a true not only for computers but also for tablets operating system. In fact, is optimized to run on a touch screen-The interface encourages you to touch us all and gestures are made so that you get out the most out of your fingers.

Not just a consolidated operating system but it can use all the applications before we had on the computer: the web browser, Microsoft Office, your music player and video favorite… The only thing that has changed is the format: now instead of be a computer is just a screen.

Or perhaps we should say that it is not only a screen and thanks to accessories or convertible models. With them we can have a hybrid laptop or tablet as need. Whether drawing or simply turning the screen to hide the keyboard.

To date the tablets with Windows 8 are the most versatile option. We have all the experience and know computers: we can play with them, work well and all we could do before with a laptop. They do not lack anything and equipment catalog is very extensive.

What tablet I bring this promotion to welcome me? Very simple, just buy a Windows 8.1 tablet with Intel processor and bring one of the following models:

* Fourth generation iPad – 350 USD
* Third-generation iPad – 250 USD
* Second generation iPad or iPad Mini – 210 USD
* Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 “- 210 USD
* Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 – 210 USD
* iPad first generation – 140 USD
* Any other tablet or netbook – 105 USD

Want to know what models you can buy?

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